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MALL Leadership and Committees

The MALL President appoints the committee chairpersons and assigns the committee members. The Executive Board oversees the association’s committees with dedicated liaisons as outlined in the Committee Organizational Chart.


            Charge: The Archives Committee is charged to gather, organize, index, and preserve all materials pertinent to the MALL organization.

            Composition: Chair + 1 member

            Term: 2 years

    Chair: Erica Nutzman

    Member(s): Renae Johnson

Awards, Grants, and Scholarships  

            Charge: The Awards, Grants and Scholarships Committee solicits applications and then selects and presents the awards, grants, and scholarships for the association.

            Composition: Chair + 3 members representing academic, private, and public libraries

            Term: 2 years

    Chair: Shannon Stoneking

    Member(s): Edward Carroll, Susan Trombley & Loren Turner

Diversity & Inclusion  

            Charge: The Diversity and Inclusion Committee works closely with the Education Committee to promote diversity initiatives and goals.

            Composition: Chair + 2 members

            Term: 2 years

    Chair: Elvira Embser Herbert

Member(s): Elizabeth Tuckwood


            Charge: The Vice President chairs the Education Committee, and he or she works closely with the President to determine the number of meetings and programs to be held during the year.  The committee establishes a schedule of events and decides upon the content of the programs to be presented. The committee members make the necessary arrangements to provide suitable locations and presentations.

            Composition: Vice President + 4-7 members

            Term: 1 year

    Chair: Teresa Myers

    Member(s): Pat Dolan, Vic Garces, Tim Grover, Michael Robak, & Anna Tonsfedldt

Government Relations  

            Charge: The Government Relations Committee acts as liaison with the Government Relations Committee of AALL in order to inform MALL members on national issues relating to government information policies and government actions that affect libraries. The committee also serves to monitor state and local issues of importance and report on them to the AALL Government Relations Committee and to the members of MALL.

            Composition: Chair + 1 member

            Term: 2 years

    Chair: Andrea Fraser

MALL Meet Up  

            Charge: MALL Meet Up is responsible for planning and hosting smaller, informal get-togethers to allow for the open exchange of ideas and communication of issues facing law libraries.

            Composition: 2 Co-Chairs

            Term: 1 year

    Co-Chairs: Katie Baratto & Sarah Larsen


            Charge: The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date list of members, announcing new members in the MALL Newsletter, and collecting dues.

            Composition: Chair + 1 member

            Term: 2 years

    Chair: Allie Sanford


           Charge: The Newsletter Committee is responsible for planning, designing, producing, and publicizing the Association's electronic newsletter. The newsletter is published four times a year.  Issue dates are determined by the Newsletter editors.  The mission is to provide the readership with an enjoyable and readable newsletter that promotes MALL's goals and activities.  Membership and professional information is included in every issue.

           Composition: 2 Co-Chairs

           Term: 2 years

   Co-Chairs: Pauline Afuso & Marlena Okechukwu

Placement & Recruiting  

           Charge: The Placement/Recruitment Committee serves as a liaison between employers and those interested in reviewing position announcements.  The committee maintains contact with area colleges and university library and information management programs for recruitment purposes.

            Composition: Chair + 1 member

            Term: 2 years

    Chair: Susan Trombley

Public Relations  

           Charge: The mission of the Public Relations Committee is to publicize MALL activities and to act as a support mechanism for MALL and its individual committee functions.

            Composition: Chair + 1 member

            Term: 2 years

    Chair: Karen Westwood

    Member(s): Cate Boruff


           Charge: The Website Committee is responsible for updating and maintaining the association’s website.

           Composition: Chair + 3 members

           Term: 2 years

   Co-chairs: Renae Johnson & Scott Uhl

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