Executive Board Meeting Notes

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MALL Executive Board Meeting Notes

February 2, 2017


Item 1: Kathleen Kelly – Second Member-at-Large

Todd Fenton has taken a new position and resigned from the board. Kathleen Kelly has agreed to serve out his term as a second member-at-large.

The Board unanimously approved Kathy Kelly to join the Board.

Item 2: Listserv

The Board has discussed very options to improve the listserv and not seem feasible at this time.

Therefore, we are going to attempt to work with AALL and the membership to keep the listserv up and running at this time.

If you are not receiving the listserv posts, please contact a board member or Pauline Afuso.

Item 3: Banking

Due to issues with TCF Bank, the Board is planning to move our accounts to another institution.

Item 4: LRI

The education committee is tentatively planning to host LRI in October, 2017.

Item 5: Winter meeting

The education committee is tentatively planning to host the Winter meeting in early March, 2017. The topic will likely be how search engines customize your results and how this will impact (and potentially improve or distort) your results.

Item 6: Increasing Dues

This item was discussed in a survey in March, 2016 and at the Fall meeting. The membership will have to vote to increase dues.

Full membership dues were last raised in 1994 from $12 to the current $20. In terms of buying power, $20 in 1994 would be worth $32.45 today according to the inflation calculator here: http://www.saving.org/inflation/inflation.php?amount=100&year=1994.

Item 7: Membership Categories

If we increase dues, do we also want to adjust membership categories?

We currently have full members, reduced fee members, student members and retired members, all of whom have the full privileges of membership. Reduced fee members are those who have recently become unemployed.

Retired members are free.

The board discussed perhaps having full members and associate members with associate members not having voting rights, but associate members would be a reduced fee membership.

Different approaches to student membership were also discussed, however, our flexibility may be limited by the settings available on Wild Apricot.

Item 8: Volunteer Form

Neal is working (ever so slowly) on a new volunteer form.

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