MALL Leadership and Committees

The Minnesota Association of Law Libraries is led by the Executive Board which supervises the association's committees.

There are a number of standing committees which help to carry out the objectives of the Association. The standing committees are listed below.

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Standing Committees

Archives Committee

The Archives committe is chaired by Dennis Skrade, who may be reached at (651)297-2090.

This committee gathers, organizes, indexes, and preserves all materials pertinent to the MALL organization. A list of the types of materials retained by the MALL Archives Committee is available on AALLNet. To see a listing of all previous editons of newsletters, visit AALLNet.

MALL's Archives 

Types of materials retained by the MALL Archives Committee:

  • Official Records: Bylaws, Meeting Minutes, Proceedings of Minutes, and Lists of Officers, Lists of Members, Annual Reports
  • Publications: Brochures, Posters, Announcements, Flyers, Press Releases, Newsletter, Program Handouts/Workbooks, Reports, Bibliographies, Surveys
  • Audiovisual and Machine Readable Materials: Photographs, Sound Recordings, Video Recordings/Motion Pictures, Computer Files
  • Materials Related to Programs and Projects: Planning Documents, Correspondence, Mailing Lists, Registration Lists, Evaluations
  • Non-MALL Documents Related to the Business of the Association: Articles and Reports on the Chapter and its Activities, Personal Papers of Members which relate directly to MALL Activities

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Awards, Grants & Scholarships Committee

This committee is chaired by Vic Garces.

This committee is charged with the responsibility to solicit applications, select and present MALL awards, grants and scholarships. The Committee, ideally made up of at least one member from private, academic and government law librarianship, is currently responsible for administering the following:

  • MALL Law Librarianship Award
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • The AALL Annual Meeting Grant
  • The MALL Scholarship

Committee activities are governed by the Committee's Guidelines and Minimum Criteria for MALL Grants and Scholarships and the Award Descriptions and criteria. Additional criteria may be required for specific awards. Such criteria will be included as part of the award, grant or scholarship description or found on the application form.

For more information, see the following links. Forms may be printed out and mailed to the address on the form.

Grant Description and Application Forms

Scholarship Description and Application Forms 

Law Librarianship Award & Distinguished Service Award Descriptions and Forms

Criteria for Awards, Grants and Scholarships

Law Librarianship Award Past Recipients

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The Consulting & Community Outreach Committee

Todd Fenton is the Committee Chair.

The Consulting & Community Outreach Committee reaches out to the community at large to increase awareness and understanding of legal resources and law library services. We also offer individual consultations for organizations seeking to improve law library operations.

Volunteer Librarians Coalition (VLC) 

Legal Resources for Public Libraries (updated 2012)

Gates Grant Task Force information 

Unauthorized Practice of Law (updated 03/2010)

Information On Access to Justice for All: The Public Library Role

Powerpoint Presentation 

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Education Committee

The Education committee plans programs and workshops for members and others sharing our interest in law libraries and legal bibliography. Several topical membership meetings are held each year, and the MALL Spring Conference is held each May. The MALL Legal Research Institute is scheduled every other year.

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Exchange Committee

Susan Trombley is the chair of the committee.

The Exchange Committee advertises legal materials that organizations or individuals wish to donate, sell or acquire. Listings may be found (1) on this web site, (2) in the MALL Newsletter, and/or (3) posted to MALL listserv subscribers. Contact information is provided with each listing. 

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Government Relations Committee 

The committee chair is Andrea Wambach.

This committee monitors state and federal issues of interest to the library community, and relays information to AALL national committee as appropriate. Committee members may also write a newsletter column on any issues pertaining to government.

We provide these links [http://www.aallnet.org/chapter/mall/govrlink.htm] to help you keep informed about current issues and activities. We also post updates on the MALL listserv, which are collected here [http://www.aallnet.org/chapter/mall/GRposts.htm]. 

Government Relations Contacts & Supplemental Information is available from AALLNet.

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Legal Research Institute

The Legal Research Institute is held biennially and offers a number of topics in legal research methodology.

The next Institute is currently being designed by the committee. Developments will be announced by the committee as appropriate.

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Membership Committee 

Liz Scheibel is the chair of the committee.

The Membership Committee compiles and maintains a directory of members, available from AALLNet. The committee also updates mailing lists for association purposes and processes membership applications and renewals.

The MALL membership year is July 1 through June 30. 


Network with legal information colleagues.   Attend MALL events, including the annual meeting.   For more information, see the "About MALL" section of AALLNet or contact the committee chair. 

To apply for membership, please download and complete the 2012-2013 membership form in Word or in PDF. (PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) 

This year online payment of membership dues is available through Amazon's online payment center.

MLS and JD students pay no fee for the first year and pay $10 in subsequent years until graduated.  Retired MALL members do not pay a membership fee, but need to fill out a renewal form each year.  Unemployed members pay no fee in the first year of unemployment, and pay $10 in subsequent years, until becoming employed.  New members and renewing MALL members are $20.  Please click on Membership form for more information.

Membership Directory

Membership Form 

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Newsletter Committee 

Karla Gedell and Anita Anderson co-chair this committee.

The Newsletter Committee publishes the chapter newsletter four times per membership year. Each issue includes materials submitted by officers, committee chairs, and the members at large. Regular features include the President's column, continuing education announcements, placement notices, and membership reports.

The MALL Newsletter is published in electronic format only, and does not accept paid advertising.

The MALL Newsletter is published electronically on this web site four times per membership year. Recent issues are available above in PDF. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print these files.  

Earlier newsletter issues are part of the MALL Archives

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Nominations & Elections Committee 

Karen Westwood is the head of the committee.

This committee solicits nominations for the Association Executive Board and manages the annual election process.

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Placement & Recruitment Committee 

Liz Reppe chairs this committee.

This committee serves as liaison between employers and those interested in job announcements. We maintain contact with area colleges and university library and information management programs for recruitment purposes.


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Public Relations Committee 

Hope Porter and Megan McNevin chair this committee.

Publicizes MALL activities through press releases to local/national library and bar associations and newspapers. Publishes the MALL brochure. Provides displays for library and bar association meetings.

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Publications Committee 

Valerie Aggerbeck chairs this committee.

The Publications Committee publishes, updates and maintains reference and bibliographic tools of interest to members.

Current resources:

Other MALL Publications:

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Technical Services Special Interest Section 

The group meets informally two to three times per year to discuss issues, share ideas and resolve problems in acquisitions, cataloging, processing and technology.

Web Committee

Pauline Afuso chairs this committee.

The Web Committee manages the MALL web site, seeing that it is kept current and reflective of the needs and interests of member librarians. We also maintain the MALL-L listserv, [http://www.aallnet.org/chapter/mall/listserv.htm] the official mailing list and discussion forum of the Association.

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